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This band of three musketeers love for music goes beyond any original standards. Robin Kenny is the lead vocalist and pianist of the band. Next up is their drummer Bryce Reynolds-Joanisse who is the craziest drummer you've ever heard. Finally their lead guitarist as well as song writer Robert Velluso.

Latest News

Wednesday March 8, 2017, O Neptune opened up for the Maiden Canada Live Music Showcase fundraiser for Ottawa Rock Camp For Girls. The Band performed a set before three other local Ottawa bands: What She Said, Mystara, and Jezebel.

The Big Bang

O Neptune started playing together in the summer of 2016.  From a home recording studio, the band produced their first single, "Take Me Away" and continue to record other songs to be featured on an upcoming album.  After months of searching,
O Neptune came up with their band name from 3 different sources; the planet Neptune, the Roman Sea God, and lastly Mrs. Puff from Sponge Bob Square Pants.

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Feel free to email us about event bookings or questions you may have about O Neptune. Also do not hesitate to direct message us if needed. We will get back to you as soon as we can!